Первый йога подкаст в России
Yoga: classic point of view
with Vamsi Krishna
Pic by: Alena Gulieva
Первый йога подкаст в России

от блога Жизнь в стиле йоги

Podcast topic: Yoga: classic point of view

Guest: Vamsi Krishna (writer, head instructor of Trimurti yoga school trimurtiyoga.com)

Host: Alex Dzyuba Co-host: Laura Redl (yoga-instructor, child development specialist)

Producer: Yoga LifeStyle / Жизнь в стиле йоги aksinialeus (Aksinia Leus) Namaste friends, we are happy to present you two series podcasts that took place in the sacred Himalayas in India. We interviewed Vamsi Krishna, a true yogin (eventhough he calls himself bogi), who has been practicing since the age of 8 and at the same time living a modern western-style life.

Its interesting how yoga-teaching works in India nowdays. So in the first part we start with a brief discussion of the structure of the internationally known yoga school, Trimurti, where our guest is a head instructor. Further on, Vamsi explains how the yoga buisness and profits can come together in line with service to people and spiritual principles. It was inevitable for us , so we continued with contemplating the relation between traditional practice and modern yoga styles used to entice more of the public. Later we eent deeper, touching upon Pratyahara and the power that our mind and body are capable of. Finally, we look at the interaction between West and East and where yoga may play a crucial role in creating a bridge.


Aksinia Leus
journalist, producer of Yoga Lifestyle blog
Alex Dzyuba
scientist, coach, founder neuroomyoga.com
Vamsi Krishna
writer, head instructor of Trimurti yoga school trimurtiyoga.com
Laura Redl
yoga-instructor, child development specialist