Первый йога подкаст в России
What is mind. Scientific vs/and yogic explanation
with Vamsi Krishna
Pic by: Alena Gulieva
Первый йога подкаст в России
от блога Жизнь в стиле йоги

Guest: Vamsi Krishna (writer, head instructor of Trimurti yoga school trimurtiyoga.com)
Host: Alex Dzyuba (scientist, coach, founder neuroomyoga.com)
Producer: Aksinia Leus (journalist, producer of Yoga Lifestyle blog)

Namaste dear friends. We are happy to publish the second partof the interview with Vamsi Krishna. This time we went deeper discussing the pecularities of the mind functioning. It appears that science and yoga knowledge describe the same laws of nature but just using different words. Brain waves and pancha kosha, 5 elements and fractal structure, prana and Higgs boson are all in tune. If you want to know why gym makes people stupid or what is the relation between ego and quantum physics please enjoy the podcast. Om

Aksinia Leus
journalist, producer of Yoga Lifestyle blog
Alex Dzyuba
scientist, coach, founder neuroomyoga.com
Vamsi Krishna
writer, head instructor of Trimurti yoga school trimurtiyoga.com